JE50R4SH: radio motor for ROLLER SHUTTERS


Today, there are a lot of different roller shutters types and systems, both in profiled aluminium (with its slats filled with polyurethane foam insulation) as extruded ones (con greater rigidity and safety to be self-locking), also in PVC or even in wooden.

Also is possible chose between a great variety of systmes to integrate the roller shutter on the window, founding roller shutters with a traditional box, roller shutters with mini box system or exterior one (that system is used when is necessary add a roller shutter on a window when it didn't exist in advance) or the monoblock system (which are really very ussed now, becuase all the components, toller shutter, box and window are fisex together).


Doesn't matter which one is installed or we will be installed at home, motors for roller shutters from enjoy-motors ®, are suitable for all these models or systems.

radio technology: simple and economical

The new range of automatic motors from enjoy-motors ®, can be FULLY MANAGED FROM THE TRANSMITTERS, avoiding the wired connection between the motor and the command switch (single or centralized one)


Also, thanks to the radio technology, is possible PERFORMANCE GROUPS OR SUB-GROUPS WITHOUT THE WIRED CONNECTION BETWEEN ALL OF THEM in a easy, economical and quickly way. Leaving home and from a single button be able to close all of its roller shutters , now is really simple.


The 40% of burglaries occur in homes in the summer, so you should take precautions to enjoy a break without fear. A very common option lately, is to SIMULATE THE PRESENCE OF PEOPLE INSIDE HOME, even if is empty. This can be carried out simply and economically through, for example, Timers which can order several daily movements to the roller shutetters.


The environmental comfort and ENERGY SAVING of housing, are improved using the radio products from enjoy-motors ®. During the winter, lowering the roller shutters automatically once it's dark and keep it open during sunlight hours, help us to preserve the natural heating inside the house.


The child bicycle, a chair of the terrace, a pot, ... they are too many contingencies that can damage your roller shutters, but now they can be easily remedied thanks to OBSTACLE DETECTION system.


The radio motors from enjoy-motors ®, not only improve housing conditions, but also provide a high degree of COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE FOR PEOPLE who living in them. Thanks to the comfort point provided for this kind of motors, we can lay on the couch, taking a  book and with a single click the roller shutter will be positioned ona a pre-selected position, where you can enjoy the sunshine, without their being bothered.


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