JE50R4AW: radio motor for external AWNINGS


Today, there are a lot of different AWNING types and external sunshine protection systems. Thereby we can found Vertical awnings, straight awnings or also retractable awnings. Moreover all of these types of awnings can be provides with a Box (cassette which protect the fabric when the awning is closed), without it (so totally opened) or even with a mixed-system with a semi-cassete.


Doesn't matter which one is installed or we will be installed at home, motors for awnings from enjoy-motors ®, are suitable for all these models or systems.


radio technology: simple and economical

Awning's radio motors from enjoy-motors ®, have the particularity that their functions are adapting to various awning systems. So, with a single motor type you can motorize one vertical awning or even a folding arm awning with box. So it means, JE50R4AW is a VERSATILE  motor, which allows us to reduce stocks in our warehouse.


It has a torque reduction system to ensure that the cassette is fully closed but in a smooth manner (SOFT-CLOSED) by reducing the motor torque as it moves away from the lower limit switch.


One of the factors which most affect the showiness of an awning is undoubtedly, the un-tensioned fabric once the awning is open. The fabrics tend to stretch shortly after they have been installed, becoming more and more untensioned it. In enjoy-motors ®, we have added the function AUTO-FABRIC TENSIONING once the awning is open.


The main task of an awning is the sun protection, so it means,reduce both the intensity of solar radiation that goes inside the home or terrace, and the own  heating that it generates. This task can be performed automatically thanks to the devices that enjoy-motors ® proposes to the sunshine protection. The SW4 device , is able to measure the existing BRIGHTNESS INTENSITY outside and if it is above the desired one, command the awning to be opened, and protect the home. This device is completely autonomous, since it is powered through solar energy and emits commands by the radio system .

The greatest enemy of an awning is the wind. A gust of wind can seriously damage an awning and even, in the worst case, leave it totally unusable. Any awning, but especially those motorized, should include a system of wind protection. In enjoy-motors ®, we have integrated the WIND PROTECTION at the SW4 device, so in addition to open the awning depending on the light intensity, the awning will close automatically to the appearance of gusts higher than stated. As a protection, wind protection supersedes any other command.


The new range of automatic motors from enjoy-motors ®, can be FULLY MANAGED FROM THE TRANSMITTERS, avoiding the wired connection between the motor and the command switch (single or centralized one).


Also, thanks to the radio technology, is possible PERFORMANCE GROUPS OR SUB-GROUPS WITHOUT THE WIRED CONNECTION BETWEEN ALL OF THEM in a easy, economical and quickly way. Leaving home and from a single button be able to close all of its roller shutters , now is really simple.


The environmental comfort and ENERGY SAVING of housing, are improved using the radio products from enjoy-motors ®. During the summer, opening the awnings during sunlight hours, reduces solar radition into the interior of housing, thus reducing the heat inside.


The radio motors from enjoy-motors ®, not only improve housing conditions, but also provide a high degree of COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE FOR PEOPLE who living in them. Thanks to the comfort point provided for this kind of motors, we can lay on the couch, taking a book and with a single click the awning will be positioned ona a pre-selected position, where you can enjoy the sunshine, without their being bothered.



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