HOME automation with the radio system from enjoy-motors ®


The range of radio motors from enjoy-motors ® are adapted to the requirements of each application, with specific solutions for each one of them. Quality, facility in the installation and ease in programming and really enjoyable use are the link characteristic of each of these products









A whole world of reasons to choose the radio system eRS4 from enjoy-motors ®


PRACTICE: radio products from enjoy-motors ®, are designed to simplify installation to automate the home easily. Users should not plan at first the whole installation, but may be adding as many items as he need or want to automate, gradually.

SECURE: radio products from enjoy-motors ®, are supplied with Rolling Code. It is a system which is changing the code automatically, with millions of possible combinations.

COMFORTABLE: open or close the rolling blinds, roller shutters, ... is a task that should not be done by the user. The radio products from enjoy-motors ® can handle this for you.

EASY: radio products from enjoy-motors ®, are extremely simple and away from the complicated programming. For example, transmitters with multiple channels offer the possibility to combine the use of each element independently or together, as easy as pressing a button.

ECONOMIC: in the RADIO systems from enjoy-motors ®, the communication between the receiver and the transmitter is done wirelessly without more wiring, avoiding costly housing reforms. Economical and easy, right?


There are endless reasons why choose RADIO systems from enjoy-motors ®. Simply, what is yours?

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