esmarthome system from enjoy-motors ® offers you the possibility of, in addition to opening or closing your roller shutters, awnings, roller blinds, ... or turn on and off lights or other appliances or appliances, managing your home in a way more efficient

APP esmarthome  transforms the screen of your mobile into the remote control of the roller shutters, awning, roller blind, roller door, TV, air conditioning, ... so you can access both of them being in your home (local connection) or from any other place of the world (remote connection)


Will your family come home before you?


from the office, the train ... and thanks to your mobile phone, you can turn on the lights, raise the temperature of the room, open the blinds for the sun to enter, ... and even select the favorite TV channel of your children


In the esmarthome application, enjoy-motor ® products (motors via radio and receivers for roller shutters, awnings, roller blinds, ...) are integrated through the eWILINK control unit, with other applications through the RM-PRO control units, such as TV control, air conditioning, plugs on / off, ...


When the indoor temperature exceeds the programmed, turn on the air conditioner, open the awning, lower the roller blind, turn off the lights ... now scenarios with multiple conditions are possible, thanks to esmarthome devices from enjoy-motor ®


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All radio enjoy-motor ® products of the R4 range are compatible and can be used together with the eWILINK control panel and can be controlled from my smartphone through the esmarthome APP

  1. Motors for roller shutters: JE40R4 / AUT; JE50R4SH; JE50FCMR4

  2. Motors for awnings: JE50R4AW; JE60R4AW

  3. Motors for roller blinds: JE40R4SC; JE50R4SC

  4. Motors for rolling doors: JE50FMMR4

  5. Receivers for mechanical or electronic engines: RECMAD01; RECMAD02; RECMAD03; RECMAD04; RECMAD05

  6. Receiver for lighting: RECMAD04L

  7. On / off plug type receiver: RECMAD06

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Through the RM-PRO, we can control from our smartphone and thanks to the esmarthome APP:

  1. Televisions: on and off, channel selection, volume up or down, ...
  2. Air conditioning: on and off, mode selection, temperature, intensity, ...
  3. Plugs on / off: on and off of different appliances
  4. Lighting systems: lights on and off
  5. Temperature and Humidity Meter: thanks to the central A1, we can know the interior temperature and humidity of the house and create scenarios based on them (if the temperature reaches a certain level, the roller blinds are lowered, the A / A, ...

In this way the esmarthome app is more complete and the user can manage a greater number of devices from his mobile phone. Furthermore, as it is a modular system, the eWILINK control units can be purchased separately (for opening and / or closing blinds, awnings, curtains, ...) and RM-PRO (management of other devices), thereby you get an economic savings when you buy the plant or components, which you will use in your home

emarthome with the control unit eWILINK

emarthome with the control unit eWILINK and unit RM-PRO



Thanks to the integration of both, you can perform scenarios in which, for example, raise the blinds of the room while we lower the roller blinds, turn on the television in a particular channel, select the temperature and intensity of the air conditioning, ... everything from our app esmarthome  and in a totally simple way

If, in addition, we add other devices such as the central A1, we can also create scenarios depending on the temperature or humidity, so that they are executed automatically when reaching the selected parameters ...


To be able to control enjoy products through a smartphone or tablet, you need:

  1. Of course, the house must have installed roller shutters, awnings, curtains, ... motorized with enjoy R4 products
  2. Wifi router in the house, with internet connection, so we can connect both from home and from the outside
  3. eWILINK , enjoy-motors center compatible with all enjoy R4 products (radio engines and receivers)
  4. RM-PRO (or analog), central broadlink for the control of infrared products such as TV, Air conditioning, ...
  5. Finally, we must install the esmarthome  app on our smartphone and proceed to add the various radio engines and other appliances, of which our home has



In addition, the esmarthome  app allows to integrate several installations for the same user, that is, if we have an eWILINK or RM-PRO central in our home, and another one in the office, in the apartment, ..., from the same app we can select on which we want to act in each moment

  • enjoy-motor ® offers the esmarthome app for free and is available for both smartphones with Android system in Google-Play, and for devices with iOS system in the AppStore



Confort for you

A exhausting day, stress at work; ... by the control devices from enjoy-motors ®, you can come home with total tranquility that the strong wind at morning has not damaged your awnings. A couch, a good book and with a single click, the rolelr shutters are positioned in strategically chosen point, to relax with beautiful sunshine.

Control devices from enjoy-motors ®, can work automatically or by remote control. They are very simple to install and use and provide a great comfort and convenience for the user. .

Optimization of natural light and energy saving

Control systems enjoy-motors ®, are an invaluable help to improve the thermal performance of rooms, stays longer or even buildings because they can limit the overheating and distributing the comfort. An optimal efficiency of your rolling blind, roller shutters or awnings, in terms of sun protection, helps preserve the contributions of the natural light.

In addition, control systems "enjoymotors ®" are a way to improve and optimize the thermal conditions of housing. Light sensors, temperature controls, timers, ...,  improve air circulation and control the interior lighting. It is affecting directly on the environmental comfort and energy savings.

Protection for your home

The 40% of burglaries occur in homes in the summer, so you should take precautions to enjoy a break without fear. A very common option lately, is to simulate the presence of people inside, even if the house is empty. This can be carried out simply and economically through, for example, Timers which can order several daily movements to the roller blinds, awnings and roller blind. At present, it is possible to manage all these devices even from your mobile phone..

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